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Open API for Credit Limit..

  • 1.  Open API for Credit Limit..

    TM Forum Member
    Posted Jul 21, 2021 10:07
    Dear Members,

    I am looking for an Open API for Credit Limit.  My requirement is as follows:
    The user (consumer of API) wants to know the current and previous credit limit and why it has been changed.
    If it is changed, then we also need to inform the user about change in one of following parameters like, MRC (monthly Recurring Charge(, NRC (Non Recurring Charge), One Time Data Purchase.
    Is there any TMF Open API which can cater to this requirement?
    I would sincerely appreciate any help in this regard.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Anil Jain

    Anil Jain
    Tata Consultancy Services

  • 2.  RE: Open API for Credit Limit..

    TM Forum Member
    Posted Jul 22, 2021 04:12
    Hi Anil

    I'm not aware of any handling of credit limit in the Open API. You could of course extend the relevant APIs to handle this.

    Probably you would set a credit limit at Customer level (TMF629), which could be influenced by any relevant CreditProfile and/or risk assessment (as provided by TMF696).

    You now need to sketch out some use cases and sequence diagrams that show:
    • Why the credit limit would change from its previous setting - what event(s) would cause that
    • What is the impact of the credit limit change, and can it be automatic. For example, if a price (rate) is updated as a result would this be done as an automatic product order without human involvement, or rather would a CSR and/or the customer be involved.
    After you have figured out your use cases and business processes, you can then work out which additional Open APIs need to be involved.

    Jonathan Goldberg
    Amdocs Management Limited
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