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Sales Commission indicator

  • 1.  Sales Commission indicator

    TM Forum Member
    Posted Nov 06, 2020 10:57
    Dear Open API fans,

    Has anybody already modelled a Sales Commision indicator in Open APIs ? With that I mean some icons, let's say stars, that show up in assisted channels (shops, customer care) to provide the sales person with an indication on how big the sales commision would be for each offering (5 stars = best sales commission) that are suitable for the customer's needs .

    As calculation of such Sales Commission indicators may be as complex as calculated prices for the customer, leveraging all available information in the commercial context. One idea would be to use the Product Offering Qualification and for each qualified offering to provide, besides the Product Offering Price for the customer, a Sales Commission indicator. Actually such a Sales Commission indicator could be modelled as a price (where in the described case currenty is a star). Therefore by introducing a role in the relationship from ProductOffering to ProductOfferingPrice it shall be possible to express that a ProductOffering has prices for the customer (role=sell) or commissions for the salesperson (role=commission).

    Have you an alternative proposal, or would you go that way ?



    Alexis de Peufeilhoux
    Deutsche Telekom AG

  • 2.  RE: Sales Commission indicator

    Posted Dec 07, 2020 00:28

    no I have not done it. can you pleas explain alittle further. Would really appreciate your help.

    Gordon Bullard & Company

    jackson liam