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TMF 632 PartyManagement CTK kit

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    TM Forum Member
    Posted Sep 05, 2021 20:23
    Hi All

    We have implemented the TMF 632 PartyManagement APIs and running the ctk kit.
    Based on the CTK documentation, we observed that there are
    • 2 instance of individual / organization that are created (POST) and
    • a there are test scenario to perform a GET and validate the instance details. 
    However, when we run the ctk script, we observed that only the 1st instance of data is replaced based on the configuration file
    while the 2nd instance remains as a static value.

    Since we assumed that ctk test scripts are not supposed to be modified when we run our conformance, wanted to cross check if there are any updated ctk kit available for PartyManagement.

    Thanks in advance

    Raghavan TV
    Tata Consultancy Services