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Resource API & Product API's

  • 1.  Resource API & Product API's

    TM Forum Member
    Posted Apr 16, 2019 08:44
    ​Hi All,

    I have a few queries about the resource and product API. Request you to please help

    • We are implementing Products Inventory API to fetch products based on billing account or Party.  Now we want to provide an option to the client to get all resources as well. However resources can be fetched with Party only. So client can get products associated to a billing account but in case of resources it will get all resources associated to party irrespective of the billing account. So client will get additional resources which then need to be filtered out. Is this how it is suppose to be?
    • In SID model product can be associated with Customer Account & Party Role via InvolvementRole. In open API do we have a reference to party role within Products?

    Thanks very much

    Suman Bagde
    Infosys Ltd.
    DT America

  • 2.  RE: Resource API & Product API's

    TM Forum Member
    Posted Apr 29, 2019 05:57
    Hi Suman

    For your first query: You will observe that the Product Inventory model (in TMF637) includes a reference to realizing Resource. So, if you GET Products from the inventory filtered by Billing Account, you can at the same time retrieve all the resources (Logical and/or Physical) for each Product (using entity expansion as discussed in the Open API guidelines). This presumably answers your use case for retrieving Resources for a billing account, with the (reasonable) assumption that there are no account-related Resources in the inventory that are not involved in realizing a product. Of course, your implementation of the Product Inventory API must be capable of honoring the Resource query against the resource inventory.

    For your second query: There is indeed a direct relationship between Product and Party(Role), which can be used to signify the Customer who owns the Product, the Individual (family member?) who uses the Product, etc.

    Hope it helps

    Jonathan Goldberg
    Amdocs Management Limited

    DT America