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TMF641 v4 vs v18 documentation

  • 1.  TMF641 v4 vs v18 documentation

    TM Forum Member
    Posted Jul 14, 2021 07:43
    Hi All,

    We had started with a TMF641 implementation using the v18 series of documentation but now have started to look into v4.

    I've provided some example screenshots below to give some context.

    I had the following queries: -
    • I assume that the differences are intended to reflect changes in what is considered mandatory etc as they appear different?
    • In the patchable attributes list it appears in the V4 documentation not to suggest anything about when particular serviceOrderItem attributes (i.e. appointment) are patchable where in the V18 is does?
    • V4 doesnt include information on what serviceorderItem attributes are patchable it just says that serviceOrderItem is patchable. V18 explicitly says that id/action/state of serviceOrderItem are not patchable. Is this a change in thinking between the document versions and now id/state/action are patchable or is it the way im reading the new docs

    David Whitfield
    TalkTalk Group