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Calculate Sales Party Commissions

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    TM Forum Member
    Posted Nov 03, 2020 09:36
    Hi all,

    We currently have two systems for the calculation of sales party commissions, one for external dealers and the second one for internal sales staff.  Currently we have different ways to bring order data to this both components, SOAP-Services, publish/subscribe events (e.g. create order), flat files …

    We are thinking about creating one API above this both components to uniform the interfaces and to decouple this capability from others. But we haven't found an API-description in the open API list that fits. Does someone can give a recommendation to us?

    One Idea we have is to have a component that handles a resource which we call "Commission Order". Product Ordering could POST this resource, or the component will subscribe events around ordering. Which patterns would you prefer?

    Thanks a lot
    Burkhard Dierk


    Burkhard Dierk
    Deutsche Telekom AG