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TMF 633 v4 conformance profile

  • 1.  TMF 633 v4 conformance profile

    TM Forum Member
    Posted Mar 18, 2021 02:19
    Hi ,

    I have downloaded theTMF633B_Service_Catalog_API_Conformance_Profile_v4.0.0 from the Open API beta table but could not find the mandatory attributes for catalog, category or candidate . It only has mandatory attributes for specification
    The older document(TMF633B_Service_Catalog_Management_API_Conformance_Profile_R18.5.0) has it for all the resources

    Please let me know if I am missing something.

    @Uma Lakshman

    Rati Mehrotra
    Telstra Corporation

  • 2.  RE: TMF 633 v4 conformance profile

    TM Forum Member
    Posted Mar 18, 2021 06:06
    Hi Rati

    When creating conformance profiles, we are currently considering first which entities must be supported in the API. So, for service catalog, the designer presumably concluded that Service Specification is a must (otherwise there's nothing). But Catalog itself, Category, and Candidate are not essentials for a service catalog.
    Similarly for product catalog, product offering, specification, and price must be supported, but the other entities do not make or break a product catalog.

    The conformance profile considers only the mandatory entities, within these entities which attributes and relations are optional.

    True, this is a changed approach from earlier releases, might be worth a discussion with the Open API leads.

    Hope it helps

    Jonathan Goldberg
    Amdocs Management Limited
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