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    TM Forum Member
    Posted 22 days ago
    as part of my assignment i am trying to model a calendar search operation using searchslot of appointment mgmt. API. I need to model a response where i need to return
    1. Calendar time slot ( start , end times)
    2. Place
    3. Technician pool available
    4. type of work that the above information relates to.

    I could not find a way to return technician pool and the type of work that the slot refers to. I tried looking up SID and there is an entity WorkForceEmployeePool which is associated with capacity and place . i am thinking of using this entity to model available pool or resources.
    For type of work i am planning to use WorkSpecification enity .
    Is there a better way to model this information ?


    Akash Sharma
    Tech Mahindra Limited