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  • 1.  TMF680 Recommendation API

    Posted Sep 20, 2021 01:17

    I have some queries around recommendations. Say for example,  a customer comes online and we are trying to understand what we could offer. And as a business we would have built multiple offers as there are multiple products /services that the customer may get eligible for, but we need to give them a limited offers that he is eligible and prioritized by business instead of providing him with all the offers [ie Recommend best offers to the customers, say top 3]. This is applicable for new customers as well for existing customers where he is now eligible for new products and hence new offers.

    So ideally we would use below API's?,
    TMF645 Service Qualification API - To understand what services are available at the customer location.
    TMF679 Product Offering Qualification API - To understand what offers can be sold based on the services that are available.
    TMF680 Recommendation API - To apply some logic and recommend best offers.

    Lets say the customer is in a location where he is eligible for FTTC and FTTP [TMF645 Response]. We use that and get list of FTTC and FTTP Offers with other combos [TMF679 response].

    How do we call TMF680 so that business can prioritize FTTP offers and we are offer to the customer only FTTP offers?
    Once FTTP offer is selected and is in Cart, if there are multiple Add-ons, how do we call TMF680 to get recommended Add-on for the customer?
    Is TMF680 a right choice?

    Saravana Kumar

  • 2.  RE: TMF680 Recommendation API

    TM Forum Member
    Posted Sep 21, 2021 12:07
    Hello Saravana
    Are FTTC & FTTP defined as category in your catalog ?....if yes, fine you can query recommendation based on category, if not this is trickier because in this case it means you have to pass the supporting service (FTTC or FTTP) in the query recommendation request. In the API you can because you have the product value, but I guess this could be complicated to implement. Using a category is easier.

    For the second point, I've same understanding. You pass in the TMF680 a shopping card id and in the response you can expect to have few offering matching well with this cart.

    Adding @Gregoire Laurent in the loop, as Grégoire is leading the work on this API.

    Hope it helps,


    Ludovic Robert
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