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    Posted Jun 17, 2020 08:21
    Dear all
    I am following the open API initiative but not in full detail. I am wondering how mature and complete it is covering B2B already. Are the B2B specifics like complex offer, corporate account structure, complex order, B2B asset decomposition (VPN, cyber products, HW, ...), billing on corporate/departmental/employee level .... already built in?
    many thanks

    Jochen Rosen


  • 2.  RE: B2B

    TM Forum Member
    Posted Jun 17, 2020 10:03
    Hi Jochen

    The Open APIs have many assets that allow you to deal with B2B use cases.
    • TMF632 Party Management includes the ability to construct organizations that can be used to model corporate, government, etc. hierarchies,
    • TMF648 Quote Management deals with quotes for business and corporate orders
    • TMF666 Account Management allows you to create multiple Billing accounts for customers (or Settlement accounts for partners), and to have Financial accounts that rollup billing accounts for aggregate reporting across organization.
    • The Catalog API set does not make any specific provision for lines-of-business, the building blocks could be used to model products and services commonly used in business area (like the ones you mention)
    • and so on
    That is not to say that all aspects are covered. For example we recently identified the need to deal with Cost as a specific entity distinct from Price. and one of the members is now working on proposals for Cost Management API.

    You are welcome to dive into the published materials in more detail and discover places that need improvement.

    Hope it helps

    Jonathan Goldberg
    Amdocs Management Limited
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  • 3.  RE: B2B

    Posted Jun 18, 2020 07:19
    Thank you Jonathan very insightful. Is anybody aware of a showcase where a FMC Telco is very advanced or complete with a fixed-mobile B2C and B2B open API microservice stack based on TMForum? I know the success stories on the TMF portal but the cases seem smaller in scope to me (Omnichannel, ...)
    many thanks
    Jochen Rosen

    Jochen Rosen


  • 4.  RE: B2B

    Posted May 18, 2021 10:08

    TMF632 Party Management incorporates the capacity to develop associations that can be utilized to show corporate, government, and so forth chains of importance,

    TMF648 Quote Management manages cites for business and corporate orders

    TMF666 Account Management permits you to make numerous Billing represents clients (or Settlement represents accomplices), and to have Financial records that rollup charging represents total announcing across association.

    The Catalog API set doesn't make a particular arrangement for lines-of-business, the structure squares could be utilized to display items and administrations ordinarily utilized around there (like the ones you notice)

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