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    Posted Apr 13, 2022 10:28


    The set-up is that I have one systems that manages the product order life cycle and I have another system managing the business follow up reports and acts as the business data lake.
    TMF622 provides a standardized mechanism for placing a product order with all of the necessary order parameters. The systems that manages the product order uses TMF622 to place the order to the product vendor/provider. This is fine, the issue I have is that I do not know what API to use when I just want to publish the product order information to my data lake system. I have the same question also for TMF621 (the trouble ticket API) when I just want to publish the trouble ticket information to my data lake. It does not feel right to use the create-operation to send information to the data lake. Do you have any ideas?

    Regards /Rickard

    Rickard Hallberg

  • 2.  RE: API for publish/subscribe purpose

    Posted Apr 14, 2022 01:07
    Hi Rickard,

    I think you want to look at the Event Notifications provided for TMF622. I assume this is the way to publish Order data

    8 notifications are defined for this API
    Notifications related to ProductOrder:
    - ProductOrderCreateEvent
    - ProductOrderAttributeValueChangeEvent
    - ProductOrderDeleteEvent
    - ProductOrderStateChangeEvent
    - ProductOrderInformationRequiredEvent
    Notifications related to CancelProductOrder:
    - CancelProductOrderCreateEvent
    - CancelProductOrderStateChangeEvent
    - CancelProductOrderInformationRequiredEvent

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    Hanumantha Marikanti
    Saralam Technologies

  • 3.  RE: API for publish/subscribe purpose

    TM Forum Member
    Posted Apr 14, 2022 04:34
    Hi Richard, Hanumantha

    Agreed with Hanumantha.
    One additional information - you can propagate these event via TMF622 notification and in this case you'll POST the notification to a url specified in a HUB by your listener.... or you can use generic TMF 688 event API to post event to topic in a event broker app (where the data lake will retrieve them).

    Hope it helps,

    Ludovic Robert
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  • 4.  RE: API for publish/subscribe purpose

    TM Forum Member
    Posted Apr 14, 2022 05:46
    Hi Rickard

    Depending on how youv'e set up the data lake,  you may investigate TMF 637 Product inventory management for updating the equivalent entry in the data lake.  The payload contains the specification, status,  and billing account reference among other attributes. This implies an adaptor within the data lake system, for translation into the internal format and implementation of the mechanism. Alternatively use a product inventory system which holds such information from which the data lake can be periodically be updated.

    Hope this helps.



    Peter Skoularikos