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Customer Preferences

  • 1.  Customer Preferences

    TM Forum Member
    Posted Jun 22, 2020 11:02
    Hi Team,

      We are looking for ways to represent the customer's preferences (in API model) like Opting for survey, Manage his/her consent to receive marketing campaign emails/text, various other preferences like theme. I looked at the following APIs,
    - TMF629_Customer_Management_Specification
    - TMF632_Party_Management_API_REST_Specification

    I gather that we have options to record preferred contact medium, not the other preferences.

    Regards, Sadha

    Sadhasivam Angamuthu
    Tracfone Wireless, Inc

  • 2.  RE: Customer Preferences

    TM Forum Member
    Posted Jun 23, 2020 01:28
    Hi Sadhasivam

    The need for a Customer Preference API has been identified in the Open API team, and it is being worked on (it already has a number. TMF718).
    I don't know what the schedule is, but watch this space.
    In the meantime if you have any specific requirements or suggestions based on your experience, feel free to share them.

    Specifically for consents relating to data use (e.g. as per GDPR), as distinct from other preferences, we have a dedicated privacy API TMF644, which is currently in pre-publication (beta), you can find it here.
    Hope it helps

    Jonathan Goldberg
    Amdocs Management Limited
    Any opinions and statements made by me on this forum are purely personal, and do not necessarily reflect the position of the TM Forum or my employer.

  • 3.  RE: Customer Preferences

    TM Forum Member
    Posted 24 days ago
    Hi Jonathan,
    Thanks for your reply :)

    Until the Customer Preference API is available,  I am thinking of extending the Customer Management API by adding a sub-resource "/preference" that returns a new baseType "CustomerPreference" that cater for my use case ( capturing customer marketing opt-ins and other related preferences), what do you think?

    I also had a look at the privacy API (thanks for the mention :)) and it seems to be very detailed. For example I will have to pass through a "PartyPrivacyProfileSpecification" which is a resource that does not exist in my scenario and not really stored anywhere, so I may just add the "PartyPrivacyProfile" as part of my "CustomerPreference" baseType I talked about earlier.

    I am keen to hear your thoughts as you seem to have more experience with the subject matter than myself :)

    Emad Elagouz