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TMF620-Product Catalog-ProductOfferingPrice - PLA (Pricing Logic Algorithm)

  • 1.  TMF620-Product Catalog-ProductOfferingPrice - PLA (Pricing Logic Algorithm)

    Posted Jul 04, 2019 06:46
    Hello TMForum members,

    PLA (Pricing Logic Algorithm) in Product Offering Price Resource model looks that has been designed as subresource/embedded. But also has href attribute which shows that it has an independent lifecycle. is the RefOrValue pattern used here?

    Another question: From the sample json response, href attribute shows that it is included in the Product Catalog Management. Should we model this resource as independent with associated subresources/references and api operations in Product Catalog Management? If so, where can we find the whole resource model with all attributes and relations with other entities?

    "id": "533",
    "href": "http://serverlocation:port/catalogManagement/pla/533",
    "@type": "RecurringRatingPLA",
    "name": "PLA_rec",
    "description":"PLA that rates Recurring event",
    "startDateTime": "2017-04-19T16:42:23.0Z",
    "endDateTime": "2018-06-19T00:00:00.0Z"
    }, (TMF620_Product_Catalog_Management_API_REST_Specification_R17.5.1.pdf)


    memet harun ozer
    PiA Bili?im Hizmetleri Ltd.Turkey

  • 2.  RE: TMF620-Product Catalog-ProductOfferingPrice - PLA (Pricing Logic Algorithm)

    TM Forum Member
    Posted Jul 08, 2019 08:42
    Hi Memet
    The TMF Open API model is not canonically complete - in the sense that we recognize that there are entities (resources) that need to be referred to, but which have not been modeled yet (due to scope, priority, etc.).
    In such a case I would recommend that you take a look at the SID to see how these entities are modeled - there is a good chance (although no guarantee) that the entity will be modeled in a same way for Open API.
    Hope it helps

    Jonathan Goldberg
    Amdocs Management Limited