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TMF622 - Product Ordering Management API: Product sub-resource

  • 1.  TMF622 - Product Ordering Management API: Product sub-resource

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    Posted May 09, 2019 09:01

    I am trying to expose product ordering functionality in a commerce application via TMF APIs and for that I decided to use Product Ordering API. By reading the specifications of the API and resources involved I have identified some issues that would require your help in order to move forward:
    1. 'Product sub-resource: Product reference. Configure the product relationships & characteristics (only configurable characteristics and necessary only if a non default value is selected) and/or identify the product that needs to be modified/deleted.' - I understand from here that in case of ACQUISITION of new services (subscribe to new GSM plan, etc.) the characteristics selected should be provided as part of the Product sub-resource. Also in case of UPDATE on existing products (CHANGE of a characteristic for an existing product, contract renewal, change tariff etc.) the same Product sub-resource should be used in order to provide Product specific information. But what is unclear for me is: if you mention that Product sub-resource is a reference to product then why there are differences between the Product sub-resource from here and the Product resource from TMF637 - Product Inventory Management API? Can I consider is the same resource or there is an issue and the Product sub-resource from product ordering API should have a different name? More than that I would like to understand what were your considerations when you decided to provide information for a new ACQUISITION (in case of a POST /productOrder) by using Product sub-resource in the situation in which we don't have the Product yet?
    2. I have also noticed there are inconsistencies between product ordering API specifications in PDF and swagger json schema in terms of relation type between resources:
      • ProductOrder -> Channel: in PDF specification a ProductOrder may have multiple Channel resources but in swagger definition the ProductOrder may have 1 Channel.
      • ProductOrder -> Note: in PDF specification a ProductOrder may have multiple Note resources but in swagger definition  the ProductOrder may have 1 Note

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