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  • 1.  Schema API in TMF630_REST_API_Design_Guidelines_Part_7

    Posted Nov 02, 2021 06:46
    We're thinking on defining a Schema registry API to manage the schemas of extended classes. Scanning the REST API guidelines part 7 I found what looks like a draft section that might be related to what I'm looking for:
    Image that shows the selection mentionedAre there any plans to introduce a TMFXXX Schema OpenAPI?
    What are you currently using as schema registry?

    Kind regards.

    Antonio González Kirchenmayer

  • 2.  RE: Schema API in TMF630_REST_API_Design_Guidelines_Part_7

    TM Forum Member
    Posted 30 days ago
    Hi Antonio,

    For the purpose of OpenAPI a REST GET interface to an existing Registry such a Confluent Registry or Redhat Apicurio Registry seems sufficient.
    For the purpose of message syntax the use of json-schema format seems the most appropriate as it is compatible with swagger.


    Koen Peeters
    Ciminko Luxembourg