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TMF 632/TMF 669 Contact address

  • 1.  TMF 632/TMF 669 Contact address

    TM Forum Member
    Posted Jun 26, 2019 04:25
    Postal address data for individuals can either be modeled by using TMF669 PartyRole->ContactMedium->MediumCharacteristics or by using
    TMF632 Individual.
    This seems to be a kind of redundancy because Party.Individual is also linked to PartyRole.

    Does anybody know the reason for this choosen modeling?

    Heinz Sandermann
    Deutsche Telekom AG

  • 2.  RE: TMF 632/TMF 669 Contact address

    Posted Jun 27, 2019 02:15
    Here where i live (in Sweden) all (few exceptions) have an address registered as part of our civil registration. This address is not tied to any role but the individual itself.

    Tony Wilhelmsson
    Tele2 AB