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How to affect the order state

  • 1.  How to affect the order state

    TM Forum Member
    Posted 22 days ago
    If I have an order management system, implementing 622, what is the mechanism by which the productOrder state can be changed?

    So as example....if the upstream system (or fallout mgmt system) wanted to suspend/resume or even abort the order - how would it do so? What kind of request does it send to OM?
    I was looking at PATCH but the payload doesn't seem to have any field that can be used for this purpose.

    Has there been consideration of adding a field for such purposes?
    The same would apply for Service Order mgmt implementing 641.


    Lynn Dueck
    Oracle Corporation

  • 2.  RE: How to affect the order state

    TM Forum Member
    Posted 19 days ago
    Edited by Jonathan Goldberg 19 days ago
    Hi Lynn
    At least in the swagger that I have for Product Order TMF622, the state attribute is present in ProductOrder_Update, which is the payload for PATCH. And state is also an attribute of ProductOrderItem, so you can update individual item statuses.
    Having said that, please note the following:
    • There is a separate task resource for Canceling the order, you would not do it by directly changing the status
    • There is an argument for having a dedicated task resource also for amending the order, I am not sure if and when this will be added
    • It could be dangerous to update order state directly, since seemingly the state is calculated from the combined states of the order's items.
    As far as I recall, the same applies for the other order APIs (Service and Resource).

    Hope it helps

    Jonathan Goldberg
    Amdocs Management Limited
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