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  • 1.  EntityOrder

    TM Forum Member
    Posted Dec 07, 2020 12:04

    I noticed a comment on a JIRA issue and I was wondering if someone could provide more details.
    Is there a new "EntityOrder" specification being considered? Can you explain how this relates to the product, service and resource orders?

    @Ludovic Robert, @Jonathan Goldberg


    Lynn Dueck
    Oracle Corporation

  • 2.  RE: EntityOrder

    TM Forum Member
    Posted Dec 07, 2020 12:17
    Hi Lynn

    As you are no doubt aware, there is already an Entity Catalog API, and work is going on to create the equivalent Entity inventory - @Kamal Maghsoudlou might be able to give more information on that.

    At the same time it is possible that in V5 we will be consolidating the various concrete order schemas (Product, Resource, Service) into shared parent schemas, but I am not sure that this will lead to a concrete Entity order API. However maybe teammates have different opinions or knowledge of plans.

    Hope it helps​

    Jonathan Goldberg
    Amdocs Management Limited
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