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POC using API

  • 1.  POC using API

    TM Forum Member
    Posted Mar 06, 2019 09:11
    Hi All,

    we are planning to start doing small POC by consuming openAPI , we just want to know is it recommended to use to implement an retail application are not , are only to telecom application.

    And while going through the specification documents we are unable to see the customer to order relation ship .
    Ex: For logged in customer if i want to see existing order which placed by customer. i could'nt see the relation ship.

    Please help me on this.


    murali chidurala


  • 2.  RE: POC using API

    TM Forum Member
    Posted Mar 11, 2019 06:14
    Hi Murali

    Good luck with your PoC!

    Some of the APIs are clearly very specific to the communications services domain (Service, Resource, and so on) - while others are perhaps more generic (Customer, Account, and so on). I believe that the TM Forum would be very happy if its API designs could be used in additional domains, so any input you might have on that would be welcome, perhaps you should reach out to the API program lead @George Glass to discuss this point in more detail.

    Regarding your specific question about relationship between customer and order, the model (and API) are so structured that the relationships are to the customer from the order. Thus if you examine TMF 622 Product Order Management, you will see that ProductOrder has a relationship to RelatedParty, which could represent a Customer (or some other entity such as supplier, partner, whatever).

    Hope it helps :)​

    Jonathan Goldberg
    Amdocs Management Limited