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Relationship type

  • 1.  Relationship type

    TM Forum Member
    Posted 15 days ago

    There is a relationshipType field that describes a relationship between product or productOrderItems (TMF 622).
    Presumably this isn't a free form string but I can't find an enum that clearly states the valid values for a relationship type.

    Does that exist anywhere?

    In TMF 622 there is a typo - either in the text found on the productRelationship schema (yaml) that shows "bundled" (with a d) or in the user guide on page 45 (sample payload) that shows "bundles" (with an s)

    Additionally the productOrderItemRelationship schema describes a subset of options the productRelationship shows.

    The product relationship schema has the most detailed description below:

    "Type of the product relationship, such as [bundled] if the product is a bundle and you want to describe the bundled products inside this bundle; [reliesOn] if the product needs another already owned product to rely on (e.g. an option on an already owned mobile access product) [targets] or [isTargeted] (depending on the way of expressing the link) for any other kind of links that may be useful"

    but are these values captured in an enum somewhere? And are the productOrderItem values the same or only the first two?

    pointers are appreciated!


    Lynn Dueck
    Oracle Corporation

  • 2.  RE: Relationship type

    TM Forum Member
    Posted 13 days ago
    Hi Lynn
    Currently, to the best of my knowledge there is not a closed list of relationship types, for any of the <entity>relationship classes in the Open API resource model.
    This is true in general for many of the data items that seemingly have a closed list, perhaps due to the difficulty in reaching consensus on the valid value list.

    Lifecycle status is one of the places where we have fully closed and typed lists of valid values.

    Hope it helps

    Jonathan Goldberg
    Amdocs Management Limited
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