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TMF654 - Bucket GET API - Missing Non-Monetary Representation

  • 1.  TMF654 - Bucket GET API - Missing Non-Monetary Representation

    TM Forum Member
    Posted 11 days ago
    Hello Experts,

    This query is related to Bucket GET API in TMF654 Prepay Balance Management.

    API User Guide has samples contradicting UML design
    List Bucket samples project non-monetary usageType buckets like DATA, VOICE included under bucketBalance property of Bucket Resources
    However, as per UML design, there is no field as bucketBalance

    I suppose the expectation should be -
    1. Each monetary and non-monetary resource is an independent Bucket and must be treated same.
    For example, given a Voice Product having 100 Free Minutes and 1 INR/minute usage charge, GET BUCKET API should return 2 BUCKETS
            "remainingValue": {
            "remainingValue": {

    2. Specs / UserGuide should be updated to remove bucketBalance from samples and include a sample object representing a non-monetary resource from the same product/partyAccount

    Kindly share your inputs on the same.


    Karan Agrawal
    Oracle Corporation