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Product Compatibility Rules

  • 1.  Product Compatibility Rules

    TM Forum Member
    Posted 11 days ago

    This is my first involvement with the Product Catalog API, and we've made a fair stab at modelling significant portions of our ProductSpecification and ProductOffering resources and mapping from our legacy catalog.

    I would like to know how product compatibility rules are supposed to be modelled into the Product Catalog API, should they be modelled into the ProductOffering specification or should they be modelled into another Entity? How do other operators achieve this for purposes of supporting catalog exchange or Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) capabilities?


    Edwell Dombodzvuku

  • 2.  RE: Product Compatibility Rules

    TM Forum Member
    Posted 4 days ago
    I second this question.  We have been implementing the rules to execute from Product Order when a product is added, but I am not sure this is the intended way.  We do have product incompatibilities being returned from Product Catalog.  I am not sure the exact details.  But these and other rules are also executed during product order patch calls.

    Al Bastien
    IBM Corporation

  • 3.  RE: Product Compatibility Rules

    TM Forum Member
    Posted 3 days ago
    ​Let me share my thought,

    Rules applied on catalog enities are primarily to used for run time activities e.g. browsing the catalog.
    Rules can used to cater various business scenarios , some of them are listed below
    1) To make PO available based on customer type, market segment , geography etc
    2)  use cases , where product Offerings (product) have dependency (affinity or inaffinity relations) . e.g. International roaming pack only available with base plan , purchase of offer only allowed if similar offer is expired etc. The scenarios , for me will make use of compatibility rules.

    Rules extend the dyamic nature of catalog and to make it more flexible for operational use.

    For the reasons, my first inclination to attach rules at PO level.

    Ashish Doodhwala
    Ericsson Inc.