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understanding TMF679 Product Offering Qualification

  • 1.  understanding TMF679 Product Offering Qualification

    TM Forum Member
    Posted Sep 15, 2021 12:34
    Hello community,

    I would like to clarify several topics on POQ to better understand TMF679.
    Some acronyms:
    PO : Product Offering
    (A)BE : same as SID's (Aggregated) Business entity
    BFF : Backend for Frontend
    POQ : Product Offering Qualification
    PC : Product Catalogue

    Q1: The big question: is what SID entity is related to TMF679 resource model?

    The API document states:
    - "the API interact with Catalog and Inventory systems"
    - "A Product Offering Qualification is created based on a product offers that are defined in a catalog"
    - "The Product Offering Qualification management system has access to the commercial catalog system"
    we need a place to store these Qualification rules.
    The logical place for qualification rules would be the "Product" ABE, which includes Product offering and product catalogue.
    However concept like eligibility, qualification and other synonyms are not mentioned in GB922 Product.

    Q2 POQ vs POQItem

    can we have some examples to discern one from the other?
    Is a POQ the expression of the qualification rule, for examples:
    Product ABC is not available for partners: A, B, G.
    Product ABC is not available to less than 16 years old customers

    Q3: TMF679 resource model has pricing and product BE's

    TMF679 purpose is to get an eligibility status for a product offering. Why would prices and product (in inventory) be useful here?

    Q4: overlap between TMF679 and TMF620

    IG1228 has examples of using TMF679 and TMF620, UC002 recommend 2 approaches:
    "approach A" recommends to use 679 then 620, here is a simplified diagram:
    PlantUML diagram
    Approach A puzzles me:
    • Showing Eligible Product Offering to the UI, need a bit more details (Bundle structure, catalogue, Spec, char...) that TMF679 cannot provide (TMF620 can)
    • Approach A doesn't have any message to self illustrating the eligibility check (it could be concomitant to message 12)

    Approach B is better but TMF620 doesn't have the resource model to include eligibility results for each PO, when it returns product offerings to BFF.

    I made a 3rd approach:
    PlantUML diagram
    What do you think?

    Q5: scope of POQ

    the API spec (page 10) says:. "it [the API] allows to retrieve a list of productOfferings that are commercially available in the context of the interaction (defined be place, channel, party,
    product). "context of the interaction" confuses me.

    Q5a: place, channel

    filtering of Place and (Sales?)channel is also supported by TMF620.
    does TMF679 offer something different?

    Q4b: Party

    Can I assume that the Party (via PartyRole) could be the customer?
    then we could have a rule like:
    productoffering A is available to customer with age >= 18

    Q4c: Product

    This should be Product BE (= a PO instantiated in the product inventory)
    I'm not sure how product inventory can be used for qualifications. (we would use TMF679  for catalogue browsing and for Order Capture)
    Can we have some POQ rule examples?


    Matthieu Hattab
    Altibox AS

  • 2.  RE: understanding TMF679 Product Offering Qualification

    TM Forum Member
    Posted Sep 17, 2021 09:56
    Hello Matthieu
    I will lack time to answer in detail, but I can provide 2 comments:
    • Team is working on the v5 version, splitting in 2 resources: CheckProductOfferingQualification and QueryProductOfferingQualification. To understand each resource objective, this is similar to the TMF645 pattern.
    • TMF679 leverages TMF620, but this is a runtime view, I will say. Of course, all the rules are in the catalog, but TMF679 offers a quicker/simplified to get them. Usually you have in your IT a catalog app and a configurator app....we have parallel here with TMF620 & TMF679. 2 examples of use:
      • As a VIP Customer may I get this offer, today, in this Paris shop & how much?
      • May I add this bundle, on the online shop, with a discount, as an extra option for my mobile line ?

    Sorry to not elaborate more... but hope it helps to give you some element...


    Ludovic Robert
    My answer are my own & don't represent necessarily my company or the TMF