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Alarm Manegment To Link Submission

  • 1.  Alarm Manegment To Link Submission

    Posted Apr 19, 2020 21:50

    Great day! I have a couple of questions concerning caution the executives Programming interface

    For the alert administration Programming interface, I see an alarm object as one of the articles. I accept this is the system component on which the alert has been raised.

    To acquire data on the influenced component, what Programming interface should be called? Asset Programming interface? Where is the sign of the kind of item?

    Likewise for a proactive alert, what will be the activity? Warning, alarmCreate? Is there any field to demonstrate if the alert is proactive or receptive?
    And  What I work Link Submission

    Much obliged to you.
    From JMC Cargo

    shashi sharma
    Action Week 2021

  • 2.  RE: Alarm Manegment To Link Submission

    Posted Apr 20, 2020 06:06
    Have you granted JMC cargo to Link Submit

    [Shashi] [Sharma]
    [JMC Cargo]

    Action Week 2021