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Customer Fraud Detection

  • 1.  Customer Fraud Detection

    TM Forum Member
    Posted Mar 01, 2020 10:28
    Hello experts,

    We are Telecom service provider that includes wireless subscribers. As the high end cell phones are costly so is the Fraud.
    To tackle this situation, we are implementing a solution/tool to detect fraudulent customers real time. Tried looking for a TM Forum Open API for the there any?
    Just want to be sure, before writing a new one.


    Abhay Sonone
    Action Week 2021

  • 2.  RE: Customer Fraud Detection

    TM Forum Member
    Posted Mar 02, 2020 13:30
    Hi Abhay
    We at Amdocs are working on an API called Customer Risk, and we plan to present it for internal review in the Open API team next week.
    ​I will check with my colleagues to see if it is possible to share our draft proposal with you, with the understanding that it is work-in-progress and not approved.
    Would this help?

    Jonathan Goldberg
    Amdocs Management Limited
    Any opinions and statements made by me on this forum are purely personal, and do not necessarily reflect the position of the TM Forum or my employer.

    Action Week 2021

  • 3.  RE: Customer Fraud Detection

    TM Forum Member
    Posted Mar 03, 2020 07:18

    Hello Abhay,

    Up to now, there is no specific work done on APIs for Fraud Management purpose.

    However, that's something on our group backlog to be done in close collaboration with the APIs team as soon there is people availability to contribute for it.

    It would be great to have Telus collaboration in order to move forward with work stream.

    If you or any of your colleagues are available, please let me or Nancy Lyness ( know and we can bring it to our agenda.

    Best regards,

    Luís Brás

    TM Forum Fraud Management team lead

    Luis Bras
    Mobileum Inc

    Action Week 2021

  • 4.  RE: Customer Fraud Detection

    TM Forum Member
    Posted Mar 03, 2020 08:45
    Hi Abhay. We can most likely help! I sent you a more detailed Private response.
    Kent Lopez
    VP - US/Canada/LATAM
    Neural Technologies

    kent lopez
    Neural TechnologiesVP Sales - Americas

    Action Week 2021

  • 5.  RE: Customer Fraud Detection

    Posted Mar 04, 2020 08:45
    Hello Abhay,

    We are Infogix, a Innovating data management solutions company committed to delivers enterprise wide solutions in three robust categories: Data Integrity, Data Analytics, and Data Visibility. When combined, these suites provide executives with a powerful end-to-end process for making the right business decision in real time.

    In regards to customer risk management we have delivered and served major TSP in north america and rest of the world like, Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Telstra (Australia), Proximus and Telenet (Belgium). Our Identity Analytics Platform is capable of processing real-time applications/orders and apply artificial intelligence against positive aliasing database to alarms with a probability score upon a returning debtor, fraud application with stolen identify or hardware fraud at point of sales.

    We would like to run through more about this model and discuss challenges and the concerns you're having about the feasibility of solving business problem currently faced and help you add value to save revenue and increase debt collections.

    If you or any of your colleagues are available, please let me know @ and we can bring it to our agenda

    Raminder Virdi
    Infogix, Inc.

    Action Week 2021

  • 6.  RE: Customer Fraud Detection

    Posted Nov 06, 2020 04:58
    In this Article , you can check about the bank fraud :

    Gurmeet Chauhan

    Action Week 2021