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Modelling SLA parameters in product catalog

  • 1.  Modelling SLA parameters in product catalog

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    Posted May 26, 2020 11:40
    ​Hello Everyone,

    Hope you are safe and healthy!

    I have a query around modelling SLA parameters in product catalog. After reading through GB922_Product_R18.5.0, below is what I came across.

    'The ProductOfferings set out in the ProductCatalog are ProductSpecifications with additional details that enable a contract to be struck for their sale/purchase.  This includes not only the ProductCharacteristics but also other product-dependent details, such as SLA parameters, invoicing and shipping details.'

    SLA parameters help in enabling a contract. What if we want to include SLA parameters in the product model as static data which drives order fulfilment of products like broadband or TV for various order types like new activation, service management etc., how can it be modelled? Is it recommended to keep SLA parameter in a product model? Please suggest.

    Your inputs are welcome. Thank you in advance!

    Sumit Deshmukh
    Tech Mahindra Limited
    Action Week 2021