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Agreement with supplementary agreement

  • 1.  Agreement with supplementary agreement

    Posted Nov 27, 2019 09:42
    Hello, colleagues.
    Recently, I tried to place in the agreement such a concept as an additional agreement. I turned to gb922-agreement-r17-5-1. All I found is agreementItem, but the process of reconciling my business entity (additional agreement) is the same as that of agreement. But this is not the same entity. I turned to gb922-business-interaction-r18-0-1 and found the businessInteractionRelationship entity for businessInteraction. But as I understand it, this entity is needed to version the businessInteraction entity. I ask you to help with the ideological placement of an additional agreement in the context of the SID.
    A additional agreement is an entity that changes the terms of an agreement.

    Best regards,
    Roman Shapkin