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Work Item Planning ODA /ZOOM inc SDN/NFV for Release 18.5

  • 1.  Work Item Planning ODA /ZOOM inc SDN/NFV for Release 18.5

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    Posted Aug 10, 2018 17:16
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    Where to find current work item proposals:

    ​We are currently collecting proposals from members for Work items covering ZOOM and NFV/SDN .

    These are being collated as they come in  on the Open Digital Architecture (ODA)  Confluence pages which are available  to members at:
    1. R18.5 Candidate Items   for ZOOM  NFV/SN topics
    1. Work Item Suggestions   for OSS/BSS topics
    Integrating ODA and ZOOM  work items
    The plan is to integrate ZOOM Zero touch activities and ODA activities in Release 18.5 to improve alignment of final  results.

    The initial consolidated program will be chartered around the 1st Sept 2018.

    Further information
    Any one wishing to input work items, contribute,  lead  or discuss these proposals should either post a reply here or contact:

    Dave Milham   TM Forum (  Alan Pope (

    Current WI items proposals - 10th August 2018
     The work items we have received are:
    • Composition and Aggregation of ODA Components in a Cloud Native Environment
    • Deployment Patterns for SDN/NFV solutions
    • Lifecycle Management for 5G Network Slice Services ( supporting TR 276 Monetising 5G )
    • Model-driven Onboarding of Physically Oriented Resources ( includes TOSCA and YANG models)
    • Onboarding of ODA Components in a Cloud Native Environment
    • Policy Management for Zero-touch Automation
    • TOSCA enhancements for model driven automation ( commercial operational and technical onboarding metadata focus)
    • Trust and Traceability in Digital Ecosystems (includes blockchain)
    • User Guide for (5G) Network Slice Management ( Closed control loop  intent based management suing TOSCA, Policy  and AI based on Digital Transformation World 2018 catalyst results)
    • Ecosystem requirements and principles - ODA ecosystem capabilities
    • Ecosystem diagrams - ODA ecosystem capabilities R18.5
    • Ecosystem terminology and taxonomy - ODA ecosystem capabilities
    • ODA terminology impact assessment - ODA ecosystem capabilities
    • ODA document and terminology governance - ODA ecosystem capabilities
    • ODA Functional Architecture (FA)  - Frameworx Mapping
    • ODA Functional Architecture (FA)  - Use Cases
    • ODA Functional Architecture (FA)  - Engagement Management description
    • ODA Functional Architecture (FA) - Structure of Document
    • ODA Component - Implemented In a Real Service
    These are subject to change without notice.

    Dave Milham
    TM Forum Chief Architect