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TMF resources and standardization process

  • 1.  TMF resources and standardization process

    TM Forum Member
    Posted Oct 23, 2020 10:12
    I am getting involved a bit more deeply into TMF and I am looking for explanations on the difference between the various resources (IGxxx, GBxxx, etc.) that TMF produces, and on the standardization process by itself. There is a lot of reading to do and I am a bit overwhelmed by the available material.

    Roland Leners
    Action Week 2021

  • 2.  RE: TMF resources and standardization process

    TM Forum Member
    Posted Oct 24, 2020 13:59
    Hi Roland

    It's a big question, since there are many groups working in parallel on different projects and different assets. The best would be if an official TM Forum person such as @Alan Pope or @David Milham​​​ could relate to this question.

    Specifically for TMF Open API assets, there is an easy central location for all the published Open APIs, in this table. We publish the following (ideally) for each API:
    • Swagger file - self-contained technical definition of the API. Currently this is in Swagger 2.0, work is going on to adopt Swagger 3.0 (OAS 3.0) in the (hopefully) near future
    • User guide - document that gives additional information about the API, including use cases, introduction, model diagrams, examples of resources and operation payloads, and more
    • Conformance profile - document that explains what the minimum requirements are for an API implementation to formally pass certification
    • Conformance test kit (CTK) - software (essentially Postman scripts) that runs against an API implementation to produce a test result used by the TMF to publish certification
    • Reference implementation - a skeleton implementation of the API that could be useful for people who want test their software that consumes the API
    • Postman collection - not 100% sure but I think that it's the source files for the CTK
    Hope it helps

    Jonathan Goldberg
    Amdocs Management Limited
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    Action Week 2021