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1.  ProductOrdering vs ServiceOrdering for Customers

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Posted 6 days ago

 I am not sure if this question has been asked before.

As a telecom service provider (providing Wholesale offerings), we are in process of exposing API's for our Customers (other Telecom service providers, partners, etc - big and small) to be able to lookup our offerings, quote and order.

In the above context, which would be correct fit ? -- ProductOrdering flow(Productoffering from ProductCatalog, Quote and ProductOrdering)   or  is it ServiceOrdering (using ServiceCatalog).


Rajesh Kanderi


2.  RE: ProductOrdering vs ServiceOrdering for Customers

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Posted 4 days ago
If your customers (the retailers) need to see the offerings and the commercial terms, then the product order API is probably the way to go, along with the product catalog API that exposes the offerings and prices.

Using the service order API implies would imply that your customers are exposed to your product catalog and service catalog, and "know" how to decompose your products into your services. I would advise against this, since it makes it more difficult for you to change the way you implement services on your network.

But other people may have different views :).

Jonathan Goldberg
Amdocs Management Limited

3.  RE: ProductOrdering vs ServiceOrdering for Customers

Posted an hour ago

as far as I read your business is limited to wholesale products  and your target API consumers are other Telco partners (i.e. customers view only). in this case I don't see the need to expose service API. Product API should be enough, since they should only view what they have purchased (commercial view), pricing (quote) and order status from commercial point of view.

Hope to answered your question, please let me know


Giovanni Petracca
Business Integration Partners s.p.a.