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TMF 679 ProductQualification API

  • 1.  TMF 679 ProductQualification API

    Posted Aug 07, 2020 10:54
    Edited by Rajan Singh Aug 07, 2020 11:04


    I am new to TMF APIs

    We have a use case Where Customer selects some category and give postal code or address retrieves results for product offerings or specification that can be sold at given postal Code

    I think the api that can be used TMF 679 ProductQualification API 

    But I am not clear with the request format , Can some one help on this
    Whether I should use
    POST /productOfferingQualification with Realted Party  and productOfferingQualificationItem

    productOfferingQualificationItem with Details of  category  and place

    Kindly help as this is bit urgent

    Rajan Singh