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Service Problerm TMF656 Parent Child Grouping Examples and Mechanism

  • 1.  Service Problerm TMF656 Parent Child Grouping Examples and Mechanism

    TM Forum Member
    Posted Jan 20, 2022 09:23
    Hello fellow members.

    I have been working on Service Problem (656) for some time now and have been evolving our thinking when it comes to Parent and Child problems. I wanted to validate with the community the following thinking and get your opinions.

    Scenario: A service provider declares a "service down" problem at a location but has no idea what the cause of the problem is. The service provider only knows that voice, internet and TV are all down at the affected location.

    SP Creation Ideas:
    • The submitter of the service problems needs to decide what CFS (Service) the problem should be opened against. His options could be:
      • Access CFS
      • Internet CFS
      • Voice CFS
      • TV CFS
    • Should he open a service problem against all of these independently and group them into parent/child? (maybe the parent could be the Access CFS and the individual services could be children?)
    • Should he open a service problem against the location and include all of the CFS in the affectedServices array and deal with that way?

    SP Diag and Corrective Actions:
    • When we go trough diag routines and maybe find that Internet was the cause of the failure (lets say TV and VOICE was dependent on Internet)
    • Should I run the diagnosis against the parent service problem? Or Individual Service Problems?

    Questions for Community:
    • Would you work the problem from one big service problem? Have all 3 services (TV, Internet, Voice) in the affectedServices array?
    • Would you create a parent to group 3 individual service problems one for each service? (1 parent + 3 child)
    • Why is there no childProblem inside the service problem and instead we need to use the Problem Grouping object. I find it a bit cumbersome in implementation.

    Thanks for reading and throwing out ideas. I am curious what people have done or would prefer to do?

    Marc Landry
    Bell Canada