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TMF622 Support For Enterprise Order

  • 1.  TMF622 Support For Enterprise Order

    TM Forum Member
    Posted Oct 07, 2019 02:45
    We have started adopting/exposing TMF622 API and have some queries in terms of Enterprise Business where order request can contain hundreds on Offers/Order Items for different Customer Sites.
    1. Some fields e.g. requestedStartDate or requestedCompletionDate are provided at Product Order level.
         While for large orders each Main Offer/Product (or Site) can have different expectations from Start or Completion Date
    2. Also API proposes/supports Flat Hierarchy of Order items (with Order Item Relationship). From technical implementation perspective for a large order with
        hundreds of Order Items, it becomes very complex to scan all the Order Items in the request to find related ones.
        There is a support for Order Item within Order Item, but still for the offers which are defined as Standalone Offers and received as another Order Item, need the      complex/heavy logic

    Prashantkumar Sonawane
    Amdocs Management Limited

  • 2.  RE: TMF622 Support For Enterprise Order

    TM Forum Member
    Posted Oct 22, 2019 09:29
    Edited by Jonathan Goldberg Oct 22, 2019 09:30
    I have had a private discussion with Prashant. It seems likely that we (Amdocs) will submit a change request for item 1., to suggest overriding fields in ProductOrder at the OrderItem level. Similarly, we are considering submitting another change request, allowing for a task resource to cancel an OrderItem.

    @Ludovic Robert might have more to say on this post.

    Jonathan Goldberg
    Amdocs Management Limited
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