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TMF653 - Service Test Management

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    TM Forum Member
    Posted Jun 11, 2019 09:55
    We have the need to run service tests in order to check the quality and eventually determine the root cause of the problem
    identified by the customer. For that we were taking into consideration the TMF653.
    Our question is who should be responsible for getting inventory data from the network?
    Some service tests cover some network resource tests, such as access nodes and CPEs, for instance.
    For instance lets take into consideration that for Broadband services we need to perform some tests on access node GPON OLT.
    In order to determine in which slot, port the customer were allocate we need to perform a query on Resource Inventory (RI).
    So considering the TMF653 who is going to be responsible for orchestrate the call to RI in order to send these attributes to resource test that in this case is mandatory to perform the test. ?

    Fernando Faria
    Telefonica Brasil S.A.