NFV & SDN Management

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About this Community:

Explore all aspects of harnessing the potential of NFV & SDN:
  • discuss the challenges of managing hybrid and virtualized operations
  • brainstorm solutions, develop ideas and share experiences
  • connect with your peers

This is an open discussion area. TM Forum also has collaborative project work on NFV & SDN Management. To find out more click here

Latest Discussion Posts

  • Where to find current work item proposals: ​We are currently collecting proposals from members for Work items covering ZOOM and NFV/SDN . These are being collated as they come in  on the Open Digital Architecture (ODA)  Confluence pages which are available ...

  • ​The wok on TOSCA for representing a virtualized firewall was actually  done in   TR255C TOSCA Representation of Virtual Firewall R17.5.0    rather than TMF 070C as previously stated. Doing something similar for routers is something that several ...

  • ​Hi Dave, Could you please share any link where router modelling with TOSCA constructs is being done in TMF? Thank you ------------------------------ Surya Prakash Palepu ------------------------------

  • ​The SID changes to support virtualisation are described in GB922 Logical and Compound Resource Computing and Software R17.5.1   It is related to other GB922 Documents which you may need to reference We don't have the specific modelling for routers ...

  • Hi, I would to know if there is some way to model a Router or a Switch with Virtualized Functions in the SID Model of the Frameworkx. Thank you so much. ------------------------------ Javier Espinosa ------------------------------