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    ODF training

    Hello, When I browse the TMF training catalogue I can't find the ODF training product offering. (I searched for "ODF" and for " Open Digital Framework") When I browsed the DTWS 2021 masterclasses, TMF recommends me the ODF training bundle which consist ...

  • Good Day All, Is there any best practive that exist to improve products and service development process within Telecom company ? Thanks #General ------------------------------ Josepha HODE MTN Benin ------------------------------

  • Criticality of Billing system in Telecom is the most . So what is the general practice you are doing   to define its value for Billing system ------------------------------ Ashish Sharma Ncell ------------------------------

  • Hello, don´t think you can define a standard here. It really depends on the criticality of the system. So RTO in one system could be 5 days, where in a business critical system (e.g. aleting system with 24 hour response time) you may need an RTO of a ...

  • is this standardize by TM forum or any other Organizations ? ------------------------------ Ashish Sharma Ncell ------------------------------

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