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About this Community:

Use this community as your go-to resource to discuss anything and everything relating to TM Forum Open APIs:

  • learn how to implement them
  • post ideas and requirement for new types of APIs
  • share how you are using APIs
  • discuss domain specific applications

This is an open discussion area. TM Forum also has collaborative project work on Open APIs. To find out more click here

Latest Discussion Posts

  • Hello, Maybe this could work: In TMF620, you have a relationship between the ProductSpecification id and the ServiceSpecification id since ProductSpecification is associated to ProductOfferings (and the POs are associated to ProductOfferingPrices) you ...

  • Jonathan, Yes this helps solidify my thinking. I've already updated my design to utilise product catalogue. When I talk about decomposing, WAN might not be the best example. I think bundling might be the better scenario where a customer buys a cloud ...

  • I don't think so, Ryan. The site products will be created as part of order capture in the same way as the WAN. Of course it could be that not all the sites are known at the time of the initial order, and you would then have additional orders later on ...

  • Jonathan, So during decomposition of an order, a product is decomposed into more products? I'll have to rethink my options here. ------------------------------ Ryan Ruckley Enterprise Architect SingTel Optus ------------------------------

  • Hi Ryan I'm afraid that TMF ideology is that we associate prices  only with product offerings. Product offerings are what are sold. And we must be very careful to use the word service accurately. In your example, there is a product (WAN), which ...