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    RE: ODF training

    Hi Matthieu, We are in the process of finalising the Open Digital Framework (ODF) Training curriculum and its formal launch, which includes various new courses for example the ODF Overview, a 2-day ODF introduction course.  We are using the DTWS event ...

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    ODF training

    Hello, When I browse the TMF training catalogue I can't find the ODF training product offering. (I searched for "ODF" and for " Open Digital Framework") When I browsed the DTWS 2021 masterclasses, TMF recommends me the ODF training bundle which consist ...

  • Good Day All, Is there any best practive that exist to improve products and service development process within Telecom company ? Thanks #General ------------------------------ Josepha HODE MTN Benin ------------------------------

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  • Criticality of Billing system in Telecom is the most . So what is the general practice you are doing   to define its value for Billing system ------------------------------ Ashish Sharma Ncell ------------------------------

  • Hello, don´t think you can define a standard here. It really depends on the criticality of the system. So RTO in one system could be 5 days, where in a business critical system (e.g. aleting system with 24 hour response time) you may need an RTO of a ...

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