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About this Community:

Use this community as your go-to resource to discuss anything and everything relating to TM Forum Open APIs:

  • learn how to implement them
  • post ideas and requirement for new types of APIs
  • share how you are using APIs
  • discuss domain specific applications

This is an open discussion area. TM Forum also has collaborative project work on Open APIs. To find out more click here

Latest Discussion Posts

  • Hi All, We are implementing Open APIs. In the first release, we will be sending only notification messages and CRUD operations are not implemented. But, "href" of resource is a mandatory field in resource model and hence to be sent in notification payload. ...

  • Hi All, I am able to understand the notification pattern in design guidelines. How ever, I am not able to understand the concept of topic/event. It would be very helpful if the forum could explain events related to topics and their relation with notification ...

  • Hi All, As per design guidelines, the notification payloads is { "eventId": "eventId", "eventTime": "event Time", "eventType": "event Type", "event": { "resource": "--RESOURCE SAMPLE --" } } Its reasonable to provide resource's content in ...

  • Thanks @Jonathan Goldberg , @Daniel Lauxtermann . I can see that ​​​​​the  API documentation recently checked into RAD has the updated diagram with a 1 to 1 relationship between candidate and specification which is in alignment with conformance profile. ...

  • Hi, I'd like to draw your attention to a great masterclass taking place next week as part of the Digital Transformation World Series, called Leveraging ODA and Open APIs to achieve digital transformation . I will be joined by some expert architecture ...

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