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How to propagate/map user identity (MSISDN) down to RFS or Resource Orders

  • 1.  How to propagate/map user identity (MSISDN) down to RFS or Resource Orders

    Posted Aug 31, 2023 02:45

    Hello colleagues, 

    I would like to ask your expert opinion about how we shall pass user Identity (MSISDN in particular) to service decomposition and service charactistic

    We have the following structure

    • CFS Mobile Data bundle (Turbo Button) with respective realized by RFS (Turbo Button)
    • RFS is using OCS Profile Resource (as per IG1228) with several characteristics propagated from CFS and Product Spec

    our Resource Order Manager is triggering Resource Activation which in turn sends provisioning command to OCS host. This is where OCS Profile requires user identity (MSISDN) in order to correctly provision OCS Profile on OCS system. 

    My question - how usually TMF recommends to pass user identity to service ordering when we activate dependant service which already does not require Number as resource (it has been already previously ordered within main MobileLine CFS), via service characteristics mapping/copy from source to target specification? In this case do we need to include MSISDN as characteristic to CFS and RFS spec? OR

    we have to pass user identity through Related Party structure to be available in Service Order? and then what ?

    we have other way? 

    Please recommend the best way to avoid hard coding and avoid changes in ordering software when we introduce our network services like Fixed where we have another user identity. 

    Thanks and have a good day. 


    Vasily Zinovyev
    Mobile TeleSystems OJSC