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  • 1.  SOM TMF 641

    TM Forum Member
    Posted Jun 07, 2024 01:28
    Edited by Ajay Saini Jun 07, 2024 03:41

    Hi, Just example telco company is partnering with the external party to acquire their services as add-on for the telco customers... in this case my understanding SOM layer will be managed by telco and its API should use standardised with TMF 641 to create service order.

    Is there any api for integration with SOM layer and external party in tmforum ? so we can onboard multiple external parties without much change at SOM layer... 

    Thanks in advance.

  • 2.  RE: SOM TMF 641

    TM Forum Member
    Posted Jun 09, 2024 03:00

    Hi Ajay

    Some of this may be covered in the Zero Touch Partnership (ZTP) initiative. I suggest you search TMF published materials to see what you can find there. You'll need to consider:

    • Onboarding of the external party as a partner - there is a Partnership API that could help here
    • Actual ordering and provisioning of the partner service - an interesting discussion whether the telco should issue a Product Order or a Service Order to the partner.
    • Ongoing financial settlements
    • Disbanding of the partnership

    Good luck

    Jonathan Goldberg
    Amdocs Management Limited
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