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TMF API to retrieve the information for Service Delivery

  • 1.  TMF API to retrieve the information for Service Delivery

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    Posted Mar 21, 2023 12:39
    Edited by Kinshuk Kulshreshtha Mar 22, 2023 14:24


    As we know that delivery of most services typically involve multiple delivery functions like Shipping, WFM, Activation, NFVO etc. While we have the TMF APIs for all these functions, I am wondering if we also need an API that retrieves the data from Inventory that is needed to calculate the payload for all these downstream requests. Typically the Inventory System maintains the versions of the Service Configuration and we need to find the delta between the In-Service version and In-Design version in order to calculate the Delivery Parameters for a typical change order. This helps us identify which delivery functions needs to be invoked and what is the payload that needs to be sent to each of the delivery functions.

    Do we have a recommendation on which TMF API should be used to retrieve the delta information from Inventory in order to drive the service delivery APIs?  I was initially inclined towards using TMF640 GET and use that to expose the delivery information from Inventory, but TMF640 is only for Activation while delivery can also involve SCM and WFM. Should it be a new Task operation that we have to define on TMF638 or do we need a new API altogether.

    A few years back I created an improvement request which is being tracked as a dependency in as well. I am wondering if there is any progress made on this front.

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