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  • 1.  Transfer wireless subscription between account

    TM Forum Member
    Posted Dec 19, 2022 20:51
    Hi team,

    There are use case to transfer wireless subscription (with CTN) from one billing account to another, it can be same customer (who has more than 1 billing account) or different customer (split bill scenario).  The recommendation is the full transfer process must be represented in one api request and not multiple request to avoid fall through scenario.

    The questions are which TMF is best suit this use case, and how the schema would look like?

    Thank you in advance.

    Keven Chan
    Rogers Communications Inc.

  • 2.  RE: Transfer wireless subscription between account

    TM Forum Member
    Posted Dec 20, 2022 08:18
    Hi Keven
    This would need to be done as part of an order (TMF622). We could imagine that after order submission, the order handling/delivery would do the following:
    • Update the billing system (there is no well-defined Open API for updating billing, TMF622 itself could perhaps be used)
    • Update the charging system (which needs to know about billing accounts e.g. for accumulating and allowances per billing cycle - also here there is no well-defined Open API)
    • Update the product inventory (TMF637)
    The process is not simple and I don't see how it could be done with a single API operation call. Consider just a few example side effects:
    • Moving within the same customer between one billing account and another; if the move doesn't happen on billing cycle boundary that is common to both accounts, will require the billing system to prorate recurring charges
    • Moving between different customers; need to check qualifications of the new customer for the current offering, need to check applicability of promotional benefits; and here also need consider the proration of the recurring charges between the different accounts
    Hope it helps

    Jonathan Goldberg
    Amdocs Management Limited
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