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  • 1.  TMF681 Communication management

    Posted Nov 30, 2021 03:19
    Hi Team,
    Lets say the customer places an order for Offer1, Offer2. Each of the offer will have their own characteristic's of price point, Contract, date when they will be activated, CPE's and their Shipping date etc. And once the order is placed, we need to send comms to the customer about what they have placed and what happens next.

    What we have is a template which has some logic, variables that used to define the final comms. And we need to input the variables into the template to get the final comms.

    Is TMF681 the right choice for something like this?
    How do we send those variables?
    How do we send the variables grouped per offer like Offer1 and the corresponding variables, offer2 and corresponding variables etc??

    Saravana Kumar

  • 2.  RE: TMF681 Communication management

    TM Forum Member
    Posted Nov 30, 2021 05:50
    Hi Saravana
    The current scope of the Communication API is to execute the actual communication of the payload to the receiving party.
    The payload may be the content attribute, and/or contained in the attachment array.
    The expectation is that replaceable parameters can be substituted in content from the characteristic array.

    • The API user guide and swagger do not specify the expected format of the string for replaceable parameters. The examples give a hint, but this is not sufficient
    • The API does not account for multi-lingual behavior, in countries like Belgium, Switzerland, Canada, etc., you would want the message content tailored to the language of the receiving party (including correct sequence of replaceable parameters)
    • The whole area of templates for the attachment, with content substitution in the attachment, is not addressed by the API
    So yes TMF681 is probably the right way to go, but you have some work to do to prepare the payload before sending it.

    Hope it helps

    Jonathan Goldberg
    Amdocs Management Limited
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