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    Lee, I did some research. The TMForum APIs are Swagger 2.0 which defined for all objects (including fields) to be JSON compliant. JSON spec ( https://www.json.org/ ) states that the object/field may be a string which includes all unicode characters.  ...

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    Http Response Code 422

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    I have recently submitted a request to the jaxrs-api Java API (see Pull Request #680 ) to include the HTTP response codes in RFC 4918 . The reason being, the TM Forum Open API's make use of a 422 response code in the published swagger definitions. ...

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    RE: Blockchain

    Blockchain Technology is transforming industries like Supply chain, Identity Management, Fintech, Legal, healthcare, Agriculture and many more.  Leewayhertz is a Blockchain development company and we have develope Blockchain platform for above mention ...

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  • Posted in: Frameworx

    Hi everyone, For ONT installation in the customer's home, it is necessary to associate the ONT with the OLT, using the SN (serial number) information present on the CPE label. What would be the most appropriate process to address the ONT's ...

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    Is there any study or research that estimates the impact of NFV/SDN implementation on headcount's efficiency for the infrastructure's (Network/IT) exploitation: Operations L1: Eliminated? Support L2: Reduced? Field Support: Reduced? Engineering: ...

  • Posted in: Open APIs

    Hi My UC: User punches in Device Name and a Port Name as part of the REST request and need to perform activate/de-activate of the port. Queries: 1/ I see there are generic states defined as per TR255 in TMF639 spec - but there is no mention how we could ...

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