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    ​Dear colleagues, I am currently exploring how to turn a Frameworx-compliant ecosystem into a multi-tenant Frameworx-compliant ecosystem. In other words, how to enable an ecosystem to serve different tenants at the same time, with different behaviours ...

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    Hello I am starting to design some business services to support the management of Pay-Per-View events (create/update/delete) in the video back office (catalog systems) and would like to find the entity/class in SID that specifies that object type. Pay-per-view ...

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Topics include: Business Process Framework (eTOM), Information Framework (SID), Application Framework (TAM)

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Internet of Everything  

Topics include: IoE roadmap of challenages, monetization, ecosystem management, B2B2X, business scenarios, blockchain, Smart X, risk management

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NFV & SDN Management  

Topics include: operations transformation, orchestration, hybrid end-to-end management, product lifecycle management

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Open APIs  

Topics Include: help & advice for using Open APIs, crowdsourcing ideas, domain specific applications

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