Topics include: Business Process Framework (eTOM), Information Framework (SID), Application Framework (TAM)

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Internet of Everything  

Topics include: IoE roadmap of challenages, monetization, ecosystem management, B2B2X, business scenarios, blockchain, Smart X, risk management

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NFV & SDN Management  

Topics include: operations transformation, orchestration, hybrid end-to-end management, product lifecycle management

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Open APIs  

Topics Include: help & advice for using Open APIs, crowdsourcing ideas, domain specific applications

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  • I disagree that the awareness is not there - I think the maturity of the solutions is lacking. When looking at the enterprise market, the predominant target for the IoE, there are certain criteria that must be met in order to have success. First...

  • As with everything else impacted by the IoE, scale is going to break traditional enterprise practices and force a new paradigm. From security to management to operations, up until recently, humans got away with directly controlling high-speed processing....

  • Posted in: Frameworx

    Hi Tatsuji Thanks for bringing up this great subject for discussion. Regarding your first point, Is eTOM level 4 enough or level 5 required? What do you think? I would first like to point out that currently we have various degrees of decomposition...

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  • Posted in: Open APIs

    Last week at Action Week in Lisbon we held an Open Hack where 56 developers and architects from 30 countries around the globe came, learnt, designed and hacked out 8 new IoT / Smart City applications. The overall winners were ShareParking who created...

  • In the age of connected ecosystem where we are heading towards Universe-of-Things which are online for a purpose; CSP and telcos can play a crucial role by providing IoT Infrastructure as a Platform where Service Author will use the platform as a vehicle...

  • Posted in: NFV

    How do we do the culture change within a Telco organization to adopt software-ization (SDN, NFV, Virtualization and Cloud) in a more sustainable way? ------------------------------ Anuradha Udunuwara Sri Lanka Telecom PLC ------------------------------

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