Topics include: Business Process Framework (eTOM), Information Framework (SID), Application Framework (TAM)

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Internet of Everything  

Topics include: IoE roadmap of challenages, monetization, ecosystem management, B2B2X, business scenarios, blockchain, Smart X, risk management

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NFV & SDN Management  

Topics include: operations transformation, orchestration, hybrid end-to-end management, product lifecycle management

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Open APIs  

Topics Include: help & advice for using Open APIs, crowdsourcing ideas, domain specific applications

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  • Posted in: Frameworx

    Thanks. Yeah, sure - I will just try once more and still if it doesn't work, will get back to you. ------------------------------ Varun Pandhi Infosys Ltd. ------------------------------

  • Posted in: Frameworx

    Thanks a lot Jukka and Michel for your responses - Really helpful. Hi Michel, Probably it would be better to have it explicitly called out in GB Product Handbook for the free SMS offering example that, the same product offering can be reused across ...

  • Posted in: Frameworx

    Hi Michel, As per the explanation that I got from the Information Framework SID R16.5 Excel, attribute "isPackage" in class "EntitySpecCharUse" is an indicator that specifies that the associated CharacteristicSpecification is a composite. Combining ...

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  • Posted in: NFV

    At TM Forum Live! last week there were differing opinions from a panel including Erik Hoving, Phil Jordan, Jean-Marie Cuplin, and Ulf Ewaldsson about the future of operational and business support systems (OSS/BSS).  Hoving and Ewaldsson both agreed ...

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    I have a few questions in regard to blockchain. Specifically, what is the applicability of Blockchain technology to the current IoE/IoT projects and which problems can it solve? I'd be interested to hear about specific applications of Blockchains when ...

  • Posted in: Open APIs

    In the past decade, we've seen companies such as Apple, Amazon, and Facebook dominate as a few of the world's biggest companies by market capitalization. As platform-based businesses, these companies rely less on the "supply chain" model and more on ...

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