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  • 1.  TMF654 Discrepancy between published swagger and published user guide

    TM Forum Member
    Posted Dec 16, 2021 07:17
    during our work to implement TMF654 we found out few issues that we would like clarify:
    1. discrepancies between swagger and resource structure:
    • the topup and adjustBalance resources mentions two sub-resources that are not mentioned in the swagger: impactedBucket and Item
    • on the other hand the swagger mentions "validFor" while this is not included in the resource
    Should we open a Jira issue to fix the discrepancies?

    2. skipped properties in the POST operation
    • does this means that those attributes are not expected to be part of the POST input (like id and status)? What about party account or related party?
    3. the attribute adjustType in the adjustBalance resource indicates if this is a debit or credit, in the swagger there are two values mentioned while in the user guide more are mentioned, these means the values are open for us to implement as required by our business?

    Debora Kravetz

      Debora Kravetz

    1. 2.  RE: TMF654 Discrepancy between published swagger and published user guide

      TM Forum Member
      Posted Dec 19, 2021 15:13
      Edited by Jonathan Goldberg Dec 19, 2021 15:15
      Hi Debora
      Regarding 1 It does indeed look as if we have a discrepancy between these two published assets. Nominally this should not happen, since we generate the swagger and the user guide from the same source (schema model). However, it is possible that model files were updated after the swagger publication and so the user guide picked up these changes.
      I opened a defect report for this here (you can see this if you are a member of the Open API project). However, since the API is currently ownerless, I'm not sure when this can be fixed. In any case due to the holiday period the issue won't even be discussed until Jan 2022.
      Regarding 2 - yes you would not supply these properties, presumably the API designer felt that they cannot be changed from the underlying bucket
      Regarding 3 - the enum values can be extended

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