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  • 1.  What is The Difference Between API and BAPI?

    Posted Nov 28, 2017 01:25

    Hi Guys,

    Could you please help me to understand the difference between API and BAPI.

    If any 3rd party application needs to connect with SAP, They can use BAPI as well but what is the use of API's.

    Why They need API if the BAPI is available.

    Please Give Me information on this issue

    Thanks in advance
    Saanvi S

    Iam Saanvi
    MindMajix Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

  • 2.  RE: What is The Difference Between API and BAPI?

    Posted Nov 29, 2017 03:57
    Edited by Harris Veziris Nov 29, 2017 04:05
    ​Hi Iam,

    BAPI is standard SAP-provided APIs that may be consumed from a SAP or a non-SAP application. BAPI stands for Business API and is essentially a SAP implementation to call business functions within SAP ERP environment, like creating a sales order or executing a goods movement in warehouse and so on. SAP BAPIs use the proprietary RFC protocol, so any custom developed function within SAP ERP that is defined as RFC is an API that may be called from a 3rd-party system.

    Harris Veziris
    Vodafone Greece

  • 3.  RE: What is The Difference Between API and BAPI?

    Posted Jun 07, 2018 04:20
    A BAPI is remotely empowered capacity module ie it can be conjured from remote projects like independent JAVA programs, web interface and so forth. You can make your capacity module remotely empowered in properties of Function module however A BAPI are standard SAP work modules gave by SAP to remote access. Likewise they are a piece of Businees Objest Repository(BOR). BAPIs are SAP business object type APIs, which are stored in the Business Object Repository (BOR). BAPIs are implemented as function modules that are stored in the Function Builder

    BAPI are RFC empowered capacity modules. The contrast amongst RFc and BAPI are business objects. You make business objects and those are then enlisted in your BOR (Business Object Repository) which can be gotten to outside the SAP framework by utilizing some different applications (Non-SAP, for example, VB or JAVA.

    Katherine tk

  • 4.  RE: What is The Difference Between API and BAPI?

    Posted Aug 25, 2022 08:21
    You can know everything about the api and abpi in a better way.

    BAPIs are the primary method through which customer code and third-party applications interact with SAP training products. BAPIs wrap the internal layers of SAP's business object model to ensure that all business logic, validations and authorization checks are executed properly when accessing or changing business objects.