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TMF697 Workorder and Work order item in "Manage Work Order Lifecycle"

  • 1.  TMF697 Workorder and Work order item in "Manage Work Order Lifecycle"

    TM Forum Member
    Posted Dec 20, 2021 08:59

    We are working on the implementation for the open API concerning Workordermanagement.

     We have today in our systems the approach, that we order a bundle of elementary work-"items" that are grouped (by skill, location and other rules) to one related "work-task" that is assigned, reserved and processed by at least one technician. Concerning SID, it seems suitable to have these sub-tasks as "work order items" that are related to one work.


    Concerning the "eTom" processes about "Manage Work Order Lifecycle", especially "Analyze and Decompose Work Order" we found a definition  for

    "Work order", "Work Item" and "Work task" but not explicitly about "Work Order Item".

    Is the idea, that "work item" is represented by SID-"Work Order Item" or is it a special kind of "work"-class?


    We found in "Assign Task" this definition, that is not easy to interpret:
     The association of a work item with a technician who is assigned to this work is a task, or, task assignment is a work item assignment to particular performer.


    Could you explain the idea of "work order Item" and "work" and what we have to consider, if we use "Work order Item" as "work Item"?

    Michael Wald
    Deutsche Telekom AG
    Certified TM Forum Open API Practitioner