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  • 1.  customer Last Bill - API Spec clarity

    TM Forum Member
    Posted Apr 11, 2022 09:19

    We have a requirement to map the last  bill details (breakdown ) in a TMF API .  It should contain the usage and the rental charges .  But we are unable to map a single TMF API which caters to the requirement .

    It needs 2 APIs being called separately based on the study that has been carried out by us:-

    1. Usage Charges ->  TMF 678 -> Customer Bill -> Applied Customer Billing Rate
    2.  Periodic Charges  -> TMF 636 ->  Applied Customer Billing Charge
    Can someone provide me with this clarity ?

    jinish pillai
    Tata Consultancy Services

  • 2.  RE: customer Last Bill - API Spec clarity

    TM Forum Member
    Posted Apr 12, 2022 01:22
    Hi Jinish
    TMF636 has been retired a long time ago - it was split into account management TMF666 and bill management TMF678.
    The bill management API is a read-only API that reflects the bill and all the charges for a billing account for a given billing cycle. It also allows generation of an out-of-cycle bill (bill-on-demand) which might be relevant for a final bill.
    The charges (ACBR) on the bill are collected by the billing process and would include any rolled-up usage charges applicable to the billing period, as well as one-time (e.g. equipment damage, commitment penalty) relating to the customer termination, and recurring (e.g. rental).
    Separately, we have the usage APIs that allow interrogation specifically of rated product usages, which may or may not have been billed.
    Hope it helps

    Jonathan Goldberg
    Amdocs Management Limited
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