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Characteristics Schema - Value Type

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    TM Forum Member
    Posted Nov 04, 2021 16:21

    A lot of the TMF Open API (e.g TMF 632, 669, and 644) all contain the characteristic sub resource which defines a valueType (a string with the data type of the value of the characteristic) and a value which in the spec is defined as "Any".

    In terms of JSON schema there are 7 core types defined: string, number, integer, object, array, boolean and null. The JSON schema specification also provides for a number of pre-defined string formats to handle things like date, time or email address through the "format" keyword – however I don't see something similar as part of the Characteristic schema for the TMF Open APIs.

    Given that the value should be returned appropriately to the defined type, we intend to use the valueType to at least support the core JSON schema types and the predefined data types such as date-time

    Has anyone else used the characteristic value-type in this manner.

    I cant see a issue with this but would love to hear any on the ground experience

    Lancy Mendonca